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How Local Newsrooms are Turning Facebook Comments into Subscriptions

WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge, LA has QUADRUPLED its Messenger subscribers in just a few short weeks thanks to one of the most game-changing technologies available to newsrooms today. Not only can newsrooms now automatically send news links to subscribers via Facebook Messenger … thanks to Social News Desk’s newest feature, newsrooms can now also send…

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Local News and the new obsession with ‘Messenger Contacts’

Forget about Facebook Page Likes … it’s all about ‘Messenger Contacts’ these days. The race is on in local news to build an audience on Messenger. Unlike Page Likes, Messenger Contacts provide a direct, private communication opportunity between the audience and the newsroom. Messenger allows people to receive daily news updates and breaking news alerts…

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WAFB-TV Among First Local Newsrooms with Messenger Subscription Strategy

Local newsrooms around the country are quickly coming online with Messenger subscription services for their communities. Powered by Social News Desk, this first-ever Messenger technology is made specifically for newsrooms and allows journalists to reach the audience directly, via subscriptions and push alerts. Gray Television station WAFB was among the very first to try it….

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Newsrooms are using SND’s FB Messenger technology to send #COVID19 updates

As the COVID-19 pandemic expands, journalists in local newsrooms are working hard to keep their communities informed. And although it’s brand new – (wide release slated for late March) – we’re already seeing dozens of newsrooms embrace SND’s Facebook Messenger technology to keep information flowing and send urgent updates when necessary. Our SND Test Drive…

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How your newsroom can send push alerts via Facebook Messenger

Your newsroom can do something using Facebook that no other type of company can do. With the click of a button, you can send important information straight to your audience – no filters, no algorithms. Maybe it could even save someone’s life. Here’s how … Facebook Messenger has set aside a very powerful feature called…

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Why newsrooms are getting ‘special treatment’ in Messenger

As of March 2020, newsrooms will be the only type of page allowed by Facebook to automatically send out content on a recurring basis using the Messenger platform. It’s a really BIG deal. Here’s why: Originally rolled out as Facebook Chat, the Messenger app now boasts a wide range of capabilities including a variety of…

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