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Notice your traffic from Facebook is in steep decline? It’s by design. News has been de-prioritized in the Feed (notice,...

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It’s no secret: Meta is deprioritizing news on Facebook. Even the surface formerly known as “News Feed” is now just...

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Facebook Messenger is giving newsrooms a simple way to build a brand new, loyal audience. If your news page is...

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WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge, LA has QUADRUPLED its Messenger subscribers in just a few short weeks thanks to one of...

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The team at The Advocate and in Baton Rouge, LA isn’t afraid of trying something new. They work hard...

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Forget about Facebook Page Likes … it’s all about ‘Messenger Contacts’ these days. The race is on in local news...

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Local newsrooms nationwide are using Messenger to distribute important COVID-19 updates in the form of daily “Coronavirus updates” sent automatically...

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At SND, we understand connecting with your audience and providing quality content is key for your newsroom to win on...

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Local newsrooms around the country are quickly coming online with Messenger subscription services for their communities. Powered by Social News...

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As the COVID-19 pandemic expands, journalists in local newsrooms are working hard to keep their communities informed. And although it’s...

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