SND’s Permission Levels

Not everyone needs access to everything. As a digital manager, you can control what SND Users are able to do inside the platform. 

Let’s review how we break up User Permissions.

Group Admins have the highest level of access within a group – they can manage users in multiple properties and edit the roles of any user in their group, except for other Group Admins. Group Admin access must be requested from your Client Success Manager.

The Manager role allows a user to add or remove social accounts, add or remove user accounts, and manage permissions and account access for any user in their property, including themselves.

The Publisher role allows users to post and view social media content on their Dashboard for any accounts they’ve been given access to. A user must have this permission to publish to a social account.

Access to publishing Autopilot, SND Reports, SND On Air, SND Campaigns and SND Messenger tools are also controlled by permissions in the Manage Properties section. Some tools are built into SND Dashboard, others are only available with an additional license.

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