New Feature Alert! Search Instagram, repost to Facebook and Twitter

New in the SND Dashboard, you can now access Instagram Search! Type in a keyword or hashtag and the SND Dashboard will display a column with results from Instagram.

Save that search as a column just like any other search result and monitor those keywords or hashtag as new content surfaces.

Posting and Reposting

This integration does NOT allow you to post directly to Instagram from SND Dashboard. Instagram still doesn’t allow that capability in its API. (Boooooo!) However, what you CAN do now is find something on Instagram and REPOST it to Facebook or Twitter. So, for instance – if you find something newsworthy on Instagram, you can grab that content and post it to your Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Simply click “Repost” rom any Instagram post to start a new Facebook post or tweet with the content from Instagram.

SND On Air

This new capability also allows you to put Instagram content on TV using SND On Air. You can click on the ellipsis (…) under each post to share Instagram content to an SND On Air playlist. This is only for picture content right now; video is coming soon!

Keep your eyes on this blog for updates and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.