Success Snippet: Tune In Ads for WKOW

The team at WKOW-TV in Madison, WI knows what’s hot…and it’s targeting 23,000 people in the station’s “hot zip codes” using the news team’s best content. 

Using SND’s Dynamic News Ads, the station is consistently running strategic Facebook-Ad Campaigns to drive TV Tune-In. But these aren’t your regular ‘watch tonight at 6:30pm ads’ – instead, they focus on serving top performing content to a targeted audience with the goal of getting those viewers to turn on the television and watch. 

And it’s working! Using Social News Desk’s proprietary technology, WKOW is able to automatically leverage its best-performing digital content to create tune-in ads on Facebook.

No guessing, no assuming. And no reason to put all your eggs in one basket. Instead, SND’s technology uses a variety of data points to identify and curate WKOW’s best content and then couples those stories with a Call to Action to tune in. And because we know news doesn’t stand still…the ads automatically update as the news of the day evolves.

Recent Results: 

  • WKOW’s latest round of ads reached 23,221 Adults
  • Click-through came from Men and Women 25-54
  • Ads targeted a list of Hot Zips provided by WKOW
SND Paid Report

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