Custom Intervals Available for Auto-Pilot

Newsrooms tell us SND Auto-Pilot is a great tool to fill gaps in the daily posting schedule or simply get more content out to the audience. And now – thanks to your feedback – it’s getting even better! Numerous users have asked for the ability to customize the posting frequency instead of choosing from a list of frequency settings. The result is this new capability which allows you to set your own, custom frequency for SND Auto-Pilot:

There are some important things to note about the new frequency interval system…

  • It must be in minutes form. So if you want to post every 4 hours, the interval needs to be 240 (4 x 60 = 240).
  • The minimum interval is 5 minutes, maximum is 1440 minutes (24 hours).
  • Back to back SND Auto-Pilot posts at the 5 minute interval may see a slight delay due to other publishing rules.

Be sure to check out your SND Auto-Pilot settings and update your interval to your liking! If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to your Client Success Manager or email us at