Post Drafts are Now Available in SND!

There’s a lot that can go into creating that one, attention-grabbing social media post – and sometimes, we need a quick check behind us. Or maybe you’re the one calling the shots on stories before they publish.

In either case … we’ve got your back!

Enter post drafts– an easy way to save a social media post for further review. The post can then be scheduled or posted now. 

Creating a post draft is super easy, and any SND user can do it! So, how does this work? Since lots of you have been asking for this … without further adieu, here’s what to know:

STEP 1: Create post and save as draft

Open the “Create a Post” window in SND. Craft your post by adding a photo/video or link, and a post message. When you’re done, click the “Publishing Options” button on the bottom left and select “Draft.” Click the blue “Save as Draft” button. Your post is now ready to be reviewed!

STEP 2: Post is ready for review

Once the post is saved, it will be added to the Drafts for Review stream. You’re probably familiar with the “+: Add to Dashboard” button on the left side of your screen. Click that, and then “Pending Drafts.” And select the social accounts you want to view posts for.

And, Voilà! You can see your post drafts (and who drafted each one).

STEP 3: Post is published, edited/scheduled, or deleted

We’re almost at the finish line: Now, it’s as easy as clicking the 3 dots on the post within the “Pending Drafts” stream. You can either: Post Now, Edit/Schedule, or Delete. That’s it!

So why might you need to use this?

  • Training others in the newsroom – it’s an easy way to spot-check “queued” posts.
  • Editors needing Managers to check behind them – every SND user has access to create these posts and review.
  • Approval needed for sensitive content – every now and then, we all have posts that require special review (we’ve been in your shoes with lawyered content).

And just like that, collaboration on social media posts just got a whole lot easier. 
Want to chat about it or have questions? We want to hear from you –