3 Reasons News Brands Should Advertise on Facebook

With all the privacy issues and controversies surrounding Facebook of late, many broadcasters and publishers are hesitant to put more money in Mark Zuckerberg’s pocket. While I completely sympathize with the sentiment, especially after the painful political advertising debacle, it is hard to deny that Facebook ads produce results.

Facebook advertising is still one of the most cost-effective ways to drive tune-in, email signups, app downloads and subscriptions at scale. Don’t believe me or still on the fence? Here are three reasons to use Facebook and Instagram ads for your news brand.

Your Audience Is There

Facebook alone has more than half the U.S. population on its platform according to eMarketer. With more than 169.5 million people on Facebook and 104.7 million on Instagram, this single ad platform is the largest advertising opportunity since search.

Better yet, while you may only reach a fraction of those users with organic posting, paid ads will increase your reach dramatically without breaking the bank (more on that in the next section).

It’s Affordable

No matter what your budget, you can see effective results with Facebook and Instagram advertising. With as little as $5 a day, you can drive 80 to 200 people to your website to read a story or watch a video. It is hard to beat that price with any other advertising solution.

Additionally, because Facebook and Instagram optimize to the business goal you select, you will get the results you need (e.g., app downloads, stories read, email signups) and not just a lot of ad impressions that no one engages with. This is the true power of the platform!

You Get Amazing Targeting

Facebook targeting is nothing short of exceptional. From its basic core targeting capabilities to the more advanced custom and lookalike audiences, that platform will allow you to reach those that matter most with your message. Core targeting allows you to target by behaviors, interests, demographics, connections, age ranges, languages, or locations. And custom and lookalike targeting lets you use your own customer data like people that have signed up for your emails, visited your web site/app or have engaged with your Facebook & Instagram account.

Some of my favorite capabilities for news brands include:

  • Increase Tune-In: Target by the zip codes of your most active TV viewers so you can remind them about segments you are airing that day.
  • Drive Email Signups or App Downloads: Target people that have visited your website regularly but have not downloaded your app or signed up for your newsletter.
  • Improve Subscription Sales: Target people that are very similar to your current subscribers to buy a subscription.

I’ve mentioned all the positives, but you’re probably thinking ‘what’s the catch?’ The fact is, Facebook ads can be difficult to navigate. The paid tools are complicated, change often and are not built for news brands. This can be even more difficult for an enterprise company with many stations and/or newspapers. That is why SND is focused on building a solution that works for you.

If you need more convincing about why you should jump on the Zuckerberg ads bandwagon reach out to me at apilolli@socialnewsdesk.com. I would love to discuss and give you a demo of SND’s new paid social reporting that will be rolling out soon.