Facebook’s New Pages Experience? What Newsrooms Must Know!

In the ever-evolving land of Facebook, the latest change that some newsrooms are dealing with is the switch to Facebook’s New Pages Experience

It’s not available for all Facebook Pages <yet>, and you might still be on the Classic Page – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

So, what should you expect when it’s your turn? Facebook says that all Page content will automatically move to your new Page when it’s switched. Page followers will transition, and you won’t lose your Page verification. Awesome! 

But (isn’t there always a but!) here’s what else you need to know about the New Pages Experience: 

  • If someone only likes your Page but does not follow it, the likes will not transition to your new Page. More on likes and follows.
  • Anyone who was previously an admin on the Page will have the same access after switching
  • There are two different types of access to manage the Page – Facebook Access (which can have Full or Partial Control) and Task Access. Users need to have Facebook Access with Full Control in order to add and maintain the connection of the Page to SND.
  • Speaking of which, it’s a good idea to reattach your Facebook and Instagram accounts in SND if you did happen to switch to the new Page experience   

The transition has been less than smooth so far. We’ve seen some discrepancies with enabling the Breaking News Indicator and have found the connection between Instagram and the new Page to be problematic.

If you’d rather not tackle these changes with the New Pages Experience or aren’t digging it at the moment, you do have the option to switch back to Classic Pages.  Consider it a temporary reprieve though, as change is (inevitably) coming.

Have more questions about the New Pages Experience? Get in touch with us at support@socialnewsdesk.com – we’ll be happy to help.