How a national magazine brand grew its newsletter footprint using SND’s Ad Tech

Building new audience isn’t just about selling magazines for The New Republic – an unambiguously left-leaning national political magazine with a robust history going back more than 100 years to its founding in 1914. The 21st century version of the magazine is looking to newsletters and podcasts to round out its reach. And the magazine’s leadership turned to Social News Desk to help.

We’ve been highly successful on our newsletter campaign and podcast traffic builders.

Kym Blanchard, Marketing Director | The New Republic

Newsletter Strategy

The New Republic’s flagship newsletter is the TNR Daily. This upper funnel tool is important for the publisher to bring in new readership that might be unfamiliar with the magazine. And the ultimate goal is to turn those newsletter signups into digital subscribers.

The company set a goal at $1.00 per newsletter signup or less. And SND’s Superhuman Optimization team went to work. By leveraging its proprietary Dynamic News Ads technology, Social News Desk was able to automatically select the best content and dynamically turn it into lead-gen ads which the optimization team then managed throughout the campaign.

The results are impactful. In just eight months, TNR Daily saw 30,000 newsletter sign-ups as a direct result of the Social News Desk content marketing campaigns at an average cost of just $0.67 per lead – well under the publisher’s goal.

Podcast Strategy

The New Republic’s podcast, The Politics of Everything, launched in January of 2020. SND’s Dynamic News Ad tech offered the perfect solution to introduce the podcast to more potential listeners through social media. In 2021, SND’s ads drove more than 71,000 clicks to TNR’s podcast. And what’s even more impressive, the ads saw a 4.36% click-thru rate which is 4X higher than the average click-thru rate on Facebook.

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