Artificial Intelligence + Real-World Journalism = Better Acquisition Ads

When it comes to running acquisition ads for you to reach your goals, our Dynamic News Ads blend Artificial Intelligence with Real-World Journalism.

Our method is unique because we use our proprietary Dynamic News Ads technology to automatically identify your best content and use it to build the best ad in real time. We line it up with your goal and help you find new audiences at a cost that works for your business – choose from newsletter signups, text-alert signups, subscription acquisition, TV tune-in, OTT promotion, app downloads or even website traffic.

Using AI to Build a Better Ad

The best content for your ad already exists – it’s just a matter of finding it. And that’s exactly what the SND Ads team can do using our proprietary technology which we call Dynamic News Ads (DNA). It’s a complex algorithm which scans ALL of your content to identify trends, overperformers, hot topics and more. It can also eliminate content you don’t want to see in an ad such as politics or promotional content. We do it all in real time and automatically rotate in the best stories while rotating out the ones that aren’t performing.

Superhuman Optimization

The Blue Print Certified SND Ads team does all the heavy lifting for you – and has a proven track record with more than 1,000 publishers. As a Premium Agency Partner for Facebook Business Partners (FBP), Social News Desk is on the leading edge of everything that can make your Paid Acquisition Campaigns successful.

In other words, your content goes twice as far. It’s content that’s already resonating with one audience being used intelligently to capture more audience. 

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