Meta is rolling out work accounts – here’s what you need to know

There’s always something new brewing in social media, and we’ve got a big update to tell you about: Meta work accounts.

Beginning this year, Meta is introducing a new type of account to a select number of businesses. Called work accounts, they’re designed to separate personal and business access. This means users will be able to use Meta’s work tools with a separate (keyword: separate) login from their personal Facebook accounts.

Here’s how the set-up works for an organization that chooses to migrate to Meta work accounts:

  • An admin will grant access for employees to access Business Manager using work credentials (like work emails).
  • The employee claims their Meta work account.
  • Organizations will then be able to manage employees’ Meta work accounts centrally.

This new access will offer administrative features including SSO support, automated account provisioning and more. You can learn more about Meta work accounts here.

If you do switch, what does this mean for using third-party apps – like Social News Desk? The big thing to know: Page admins will need to reauthenticate with SND using their new work accounts. Since platform permissions won’t carry over to new Meta work accounts, it’s an important step to make sure there’s no interruption to your publishing workflows.

Keep in mind Meta will have a 30-day grace period if you do switch. They’ll keep your Facebook account’s permissions for third-party apps (like SND) intact during this time. You just need to reintegrate with users’ Meta work accounts within this period to avoid any publishing disruptions. As always, we’re here to help!

If your newsroom is considering migrating to Meta work accounts, please let your Client Success Manager know first: Switching will impact your SND access – but we’re here to help make the transition as smooth as possible!