Even More Ways to Showcase Content with SND On Air

Social News Desk is bringing you more ways to showcase your content with new features for On Air.

Social News Desk is bringing you more ways to showcase your content with new features for On Air. With options to add manual items to your playlist, a new cinematic layout, Heymarket SMS integration and a streamlined way to bring a post into focus, you can bring your On Air content to the next level. We’ve also released a new Chrome extension so you can quickly publish to SND and easily add an item to your On Air playlist. 



Add Manual Item to Playlist 


With our new manual item option, you can add content from any source to an On Air playlist. The manual item option allows you to upload an avatar, text, image, video or animated GIF to your playlist, giving you freedom to customize your content any way you want. 



To add a manual item, navigate to the On Air tab in your dashboard and select your playlist. Click the “Add to Playlist” button and select “Add Manual Item.” 





From there, you can upload an avatar, give your item a title and a subtitle, upload your media and add text to the item. Once you’ve filled in the details of your manual item, click save to add it to your playlist. 






You also have the option to hide the header details so you can shine a spotlight on your media. 





Bring In Focus


With our new Bring In Focus option, you can immediately pull a post up to the forefront of your On Air display without having to filter through additional content in your playlist. Just select your playlist in SND On Air, find the post you want to pull up and click the three-dot menu. Click on “Bring In Focus” to immediately pull that post up in your display! 





Cinematic Layout


Our new Cinematic Layout helps you highlight images and videos, leaving out all the text of a post. Showcase your content with or without a header and let your audience focus solely on the images and videos on display. 





Heymarket SMS Messages 


We’ve added integration with Heymarket – an SMS messaging service used by many – so you can add SMS messages to your On Air playlists. Have another service you’d like to see integrated with On Air? Send us an email at support@socialnewsdesk.com.







Chrome Browser Extension 


With our new browser extension for Google Chrome, you can easily add any URL directly to an On Air playlist without having to leave the webpage. Just download the SND browser extension for Google Chrome, find a URL you want to add to an On Air playlist and click the icon for the extension. 





That will give you the option to directly add the item to an existing playlist or to create a new playlist. You can even use the SND browser extension to quickly create a post and publish it to your social media pages. 





Interested in adding On Air to your SND Dashboard? Request a free demo and learn more about On Air here!


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