Genesee ISD unlocks social media success with SND

SND has helped Genesee Schools streamline content and reach their audience where they are, at just the right time.
Genesee ISD achieves social media triumph through SND.

When Andrea Smiley needed a social media management solution, she knew Social News Desk was her answer. As the Communications & Media Coordinator for Genesee Intermediate School District (GISD) in Flint, Michigan, she needed a social media “one-stop shop” and a way to quickly post across different accounts. Posting to social is only one part of her job, after all!

Luckily, she used SND in a previous role in city government, and knew it would be an asset within the education field, as well.

At a school district, Smiley needs to tell the many stories of how they’re helping local students — whether it’s showcasing free Early Head Start programs or special ed services. Smiley says not everyone realizes how much they offer and help other districts.

“It’s those things they can’t do at the regular local district level where we provide additional support,” Smiley says. “SND is a great tool to get messages out quickly and tell those stories.”

SND has specifically helped them connect with parents, the school’s core audience. SND’s AI technology and Planner allows them to post at recommended times, and plan their number of posts for the day — all based on how their audience is engaging.

The result? A big boost in engagement. What better way to really get to know your audience – a new audience, at that? Thanks to AI and Planner, she learned her audience was most engaged during the later evening hours. This made it easy for her to know when to plan posts – and work smarter, not harder!

“Once we were able to add Social News Desk here at GISD, I started following that schedule as best I could,” Smiley says. “I think it really helps — I am a firm believer of it.”

Using SND’s new Publishing Calendar has also helped streamline content, where she can easily schedule posts across all platforms and move them around. No need to use any other ‘planning tool’, she says: it’s all in Publishing Calendar!

Another area of need for the school is repurposing content, and SND’s Video Studio allows her to do just that. Anyone can quickly create and share video content to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube – right inside SND. “Social News Desk has mastered repurposing content. Whether you’re a school, township, or actual news station, it’s very important to take content and repurpose it.” Think turning photo posts into a Reel, or switching up a caption or media type.

Perhaps most importantly, Smiley can rest assured she won’t miss the “latest and greatest” when it comes to social best practices and new platforms. Team SND is constantly innovating and looking for ways to stay on top of social happenings.

“SND is so robust. The people behind-the-scenes of SND are on top of all the trends and know how to make it function well.”

Ready to bring SND to your organization and level up your social media management? Get in touch with our team at!

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