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Traffic Drivers: SND Promotions to Drive Clicks

If you’re absolutely driven to drive traffic to your website from Facebook and you need a little help, we have a secret formula to guarantee results. SND Dynamic News Ads with the goal of web traffic is a great way to use your best content to drive clicks. One of our clients runs Facebook ads…

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Traffic Drivers: Reels, For Real

I’ll try my best to get my point across about Instagram & Facebook Reels without replacing the word ‘reel’ with ‘real’ over and over. It’s against my punny nature to not do it – annoying as it is.  So, allow me to get it out of the way once – Reels are real right now….

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Traffic Drivers: Get More Clicks To Your Website with SND’s

As Meta deprioritizes news on Facebook and Instagram, traffic from there to news websites is likely to continue its downward trend. But let’s face it – getting traffic from Instagram to your website has never exactly been straightforward. Nonetheless, SND’s feature makes it as simple as possible to get clicks from your Instagram audience….

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Traffic Drivers: Don’t Add Work, Just Add Clicks with SND’s AI-Powered Publishing Automation

If you’re like most newsrooms, the realization that clicks from the Facebook (News) Feed to your website are in a steady decline has you feeling on edge. But this new-normal doesn’t have to spell disaster for your social media referrals. In this Social News Desk blog series, we’re exploring the MANY different ways you can…

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Traffic Drivers: 10 Ways to Get Clicks (Alternate Title: How to NOT Depend on Organic Facebook Traffic)

Notice your traffic from Facebook is in steep decline? It’s by design. News has been de-prioritized in the Feed (notice, it’s not called News Feed anymore). But, you’re the master of your own domain and there are other ways to get clicks. SND is bolstering you with 10 ways to drive traffic without being at…

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