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SND On Air for Breaking News

When news is breaking quickly and one of your top sources for content is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube – lean on SND On Air to put the content you need on air in a snap.  Whether you’re depending on pictures, videos, comments or information you can make them all part of your broadcast…

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Journalists: 3 Steps to Secure Your Twitter Account

Local journalists spend a lot of time building up trust from their community, and when accounts get hacked, that trust can be eroded. Twitter has seen an uptick in hacked account cases from journalists lately, and gave us these 3 easy steps to secure your account and make sure your audience can continue to rely…

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Powerful Internal Reports with Multiple Views

“We’ve experimented with other tools, but SND Reports makes so much more sense to us.” Our internal reports tell the full story of what’s going on with your newsroom’s social metrics. We’ve compiled everything you need so that you have actionable data to map out your strategy. Here’s what you can expect: Customize Data Select…

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Reduce Security Vulnerabilities Using SND

Top-level security in this day in age isn’t optional. Social News Desk works to reduce security vulnerabilities with several layers of security. The most basic but arguably, the most important is by giving every user their own username and password.  Completely eliminate the bad habit of password sharing in your Newsroom. Empower your superusers and…

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