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Critical Changes In Content Marketing

How prepared are you for a cookieless future? Changes are ahead for content marketers and specifically, some meaningful changes for those of us in the news industry now that Google is phasing out third-party cookies. They’ve pushed the deadline from 2023 to 2024 – but there are still things you can do now to prepare….

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Instagram Reels are now live in SND!

Update: Things change quickly! As of July 26th, All vertical videos that are less than 15 minutes will be published as Reels. Only videos between 5-90 seconds will appear in the Reels tab. You no longer have to specify ‘also publish as Reel.’ It happens automatically. Adding Reels to your Instagram account just got easier!…

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Hook new audiences with Instagram Reels

Meta recently released Instagram Reels publishing capabilities to its API – and now we’re excited to bring Reels publishing to you right inside the SND Dashboard! Reels have been available in the Instagram native platform for just about two years, and many newsrooms have already been taking advantage of this vertical short video format. What…

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Philadelphia Inquirer’s Newsletters: Strategy Worth Picking Up

Have you picked up the Philadelphia Inquirer lately? You might not be in that particular newspaper market, but if you’re in the business of marketing newspapers –  you can certainly pick up their good habits. Philadelphia Inquirer is laser-focused on growing their top-performing newsletters. They consistently and successfully run newsletter campaigns – collect email addresses…

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Share more with Instagram Carousels in SND

Having trouble picking just one picture to share with your Instagram followers? No need to choose! SND Dashboard now supports Instagram Carousels, allowing users to publish up to 10 photos, videos, or a combination of media types. Instagram Carousels offer users a more interactive experience, and generally get more engagement than other post types. When…

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SND Ads drives huge results for Sinclair’s The National Desk

Sinclair Broadcast Group recently expanded The National Desk, a national news broadcast, to 20 new markets across the United States. With goals of driving additional website traffic and increasing awareness of the broadcast, they enlisted SND Ads to get the word out. Our Meta-certified ads team quickly launched a large-scale campaign that promoted local tune-in…

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