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Reduce Security Vulnerabilities Using SND

Top-level security in this day in age isn’t optional. Social News Desk works to reduce security vulnerabilities with several layers of security. The most basic but arguably, the most important is by giving every user their own username and password.  Completely eliminate the bad habit of password sharing in your Newsroom. Empower your superusers and…

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SND’s Permission Levels

Not everyone needs access to everything. As a digital manager, you can control what SND Users are able to do inside the platform.  Let’s review how we break up User Permissions. Group Admins have the highest level of access within a group – they can manage users in multiple properties and edit the roles of…

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SND’s Single Sign-On: We Like Your Security Measures

Social News Desk prioritizes security. We can help by integrating our already-secure system into your security protocol.  SND offers Single Sign On through any SAML-based provider, which has made the login process even easier for users – just one click from their SSO dashboard. Many SSO providers also require two-factor authentication to add an extra…

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SND’s Dynamic Content & Creative

Newsrooms are already pumping out great content every day. SND Promotions finds it and turns it into the perfect ad. Here’s how – using proprietary technology – we create dynamic copy and dynamic creative in real-time to help your news org reach its goals – newsletter signups, tune in, subscription acquisition and app downloads or…

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