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SND 2.0 EARLY ADOPTERS – The Tampa Bay Times loves it!

Meet Amber McDonald, Social Media Director at The Tampa Bay Times, a member of our SND 2.0 Early Adopters Test Group. Amber got her hands on the new SND Dashboard for the first time today along with the rest of her Tampa, FL based newspaper team, and the reviews are in: “One immediate thing we like is the…

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Ready to Launch with SND 2.0 Early Adopters!

Our Early Adopters are getting their hands on the newest version of Social News Desk starting NOW! This small group of beta testers are jumping into the new SND Dashboard to help us put on the finishing touches so we can roll it out to everyone! This morning we held our first training session with…

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Discussion: How Newspapers are Succeeding in Digital

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with some of the brightest minds in social media within the newspaper industry at NAA mediaXchange in Washington, D.C. In our conversations, both on and off the stage, we talked at length about concerns and roadblocks many newspapers face in an exceedingly digital world, and how they’ve…

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Meet the Newest Member of #TeamSND: Ryan Morris

In the past seventeen years I’ve sat behind almost every kind of desk and walked inside almost every kind of shoe in this business. Twice. I was most recently the Senior Digital Content and Social Media Manager at the corporate offices of Quincy Media, overseers of 15 broadcast newsrooms, two newspapers and several radio stations. At…

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