Webinar: Threads Untangled… Strategies for Social Media Success

Understanding the nuances of Threads is essential for social pros looking to stand out in today's crowded social landscape.

Unlock the secrets to social media success on Threads, the fastest-growing social network from Meta. Learn how to leverage Threads to elevate your social media presence and capture the hearts and minds of your community.

During this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • The distinctive features of Threads and how they enhance storytelling and audience engagement
  • Strategies to understand and take advantage of the Threads algorithm
  • Techniques for building and nurturing a loyal community of followers through Threads
  • Real-world examples and case studies showcasing successful Threads content

This event is hosted by Sarah Loyd, Senior Manager, Customer & Product Success at Social News Desk. Never run out of ideas to keep your citizens engaged on social again! Join Social News Desk and learn how to keep creating compelling content ideas in 2024 that connect with the community.

Want to learn more about SND and how it can help your city or county? Get in touch: info@socialnewsdesk.com.

Threads is the latest social media platform on the block! Although it may seem overwhelming, we are here to help you use this platform to your advantage.

Our recent webinar, “Threads Untangled: Strategies for Social Media Success,” explored strategies to help businesses engage and succeed online. This blog post summarizes that discussion, providing practical tips to improve your social media strategy.

What is Threads?

Threads, Meta’s newest social media platform, launched globally on July 5, 2023, and is now available in over 100 countries. It offers a new space for users to connect, share, and engage with each other. However, its launch in the European Union was delayed until December 2023 due to regulatory issues. 

Why Threads?

Threads stands out as the fastest-growing social media network ever, with around 130 million monthly active users. It’s quickly become a popular alternative to Twitter, highlighting its unique features and appeal for digital communication. Social News Desk is among the early testers of the Threads API, putting us in a prime position to discover how best practices for Threads can boost your messaging, engagement, and social media strategy. 


Find out more about our Beta partnership with Threads

What’s the best way to use Threads?

To effectively use the social media platform Threads, it’s essential to optimize its engagement-driven algorithm. Engaging with content meaningfully increases your visibility and tailors your “For You” feed to better match your interests, which is critical for those looking to make a significant impact.

Understanding and applying the following concepts is essential to optimize your use of threads:

  • Understanding the Algorithm

How Does the Threads App Algorithm Work?

Exploring Threads’ algorithm shows a clear principle: more engagement means more visibility. When users like and reply to posts, they tell the algorithm to show more content like that in their feeds. Also, engaging with content on specific topics will make the “For You” feed show more of those topics. This is key for anyone wanting to make a bigger impact on Threads. 


Following best practices for engagement on Threads not only makes you more visible but also customizes your feed to align with your interests and professional goals.

  • Follow to be Followed

The simple rule of “follow to be followed” is key to growing your online presence. This approach, similar to what works on platforms like X/Twitter, is crucial for anyone looking to increase their visibility and impact. 


By following other accounts, you not only diversify your feed but also encourage others to engage with you. This method is a recommended practice on Threads that can greatly improve how easily others find your account. As you gain more followers, your content has a better chance of reaching a broader audience, boosting your success on social media.

  • Engage, Engage, Engage

Boosting your presence on Threads boils down to one key action: engage constantly. This approach is a core part of Threads best practices, highlighting how important interactions are for reaching beyond your existing followers. 


By joining in on conversations and using features like Likes, Reposts, Quote Posts, or Replies, you not only become more visible but also forge valuable connections. Choosing Quote Posts over Reposts lets you add your own insights, and tagging others with their @ username encourages more interaction. 


Engaging with people who share your interests or discuss relevant topics helps your account attract like-minded followers, expanding your reach and improving your impact on social media. 


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  • Publish a Mix of Content Types

Mixing different types of content is key to keeping your audience engaged on Threads. With options to post text up to 500 characters and share links, images, carousels, and videos up to five minutes long, you have many ways to grab your followers’ attention. 


This approach helps keep your feed interesting and meets the varied tastes of your audience, making sure there’s always something for everyone. By varying your content, you’re more likely to get people to interact, share your posts, and boost your profile on Threads.

  • Publish Shareable Content

It’s important to be deliberate with your posts, crafting content that sparks conversations and motivates your audience to share it. Although links are included, text and media posts usually perform better in the algorithm, increasing your visibility and engagement. This method not only extends your reach but also builds community and conversation around your content.

  • How Often Should I Post on Threads?

Many companies find that 1-2 weekly posts are a good cadence. This approach will help you grow a dedicated following and increase your visibility on the platform.

Finding the right balance in how often to post on Threads is key to keeping your audience engaged without overloading them. It’s important to post regularly to stay visible, but always focus on the quality of your content. Stick to a schedule that matches when your audience is most active for the best results. 


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  • Publish Timely Content

Publishing content at the right time is crucial for increasing engagement on Threads. This includes sharing updates from live events, sports, and important weather and traffic news, as well as useful tips. Timely content is more relevant and likely to be shared, making your account a key source for the latest information and boosting your visibility and interaction on the platform.


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  • Publish Compelling Video

Creating engaging video content is essential for Threads’ visual platform. Following best practices, it’s important to make your videos grab attention in the first 3 seconds since they autoplay without sound. This grabs viewers’ interest right away. Adding captions also helps, as many people watch videos without sound, making your content more accessible and widening its audience.

  • Ask Questions

Asking questions in your content is a strong strategy recommended by Threads’ best practices to boost engagement and grow a vibrant community. This method encourages your audience to share their views, leading to more replies and making it more likely for your content to show up in their feeds later. By seeking out responses, you start a dialogue that improves the user experience and deepens the bond between your account and its followers.

Enhancing Your Threads Strategy with SND

Exploring Threads has shown the importance of using best practices to improve your social media approach. Social News Desk is here to provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to fully utilize Threads, making sure your content connects with your audience effectively. From enhancing engagement and posting timely content to producing engaging videos, Social News Desk supports you in keeping up with the changing social media environment. 


Request a demo with Social News Desk today and enhance your Threads strategy. Together, we can make your content more impactful and ensure that it captures the attention of your audience.

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