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How are all of your Paid Ads on social media performing? Generally speaking, that information is hard to round-up and...

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SND’s Powerful Internal Reports with Multiple Views

You’re running a social campaign on behalf of one of your clients. They want to know how it’s doing. Blow...

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SND's Client-Centric Reports with Customizable Metrics

We are big on reporting. We make it our goal to give you everything you need on one platform so...

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Newsrooms are modern-day influencers. And your advertisers are ready to pay big money for the privilege of promoting their brand...

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Apple’s new iOS 14 operating system comes with new privacy settings which make it much more difficult for Facebook to...

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For years, Facebook required that images on ads contain less than 20% text – commonly known as the “20% Rule.”...

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Navigating Facebook’s Ads Manager is difficult and confusing. Setting up ads with Social News Desk’s Campaigns Manager is as easy...

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News Directors & Creative Service Managers – you have big goals; drive tune in, get app downloads and get email...

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Drive Tune In with Dynamic News Ads

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