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New Features in SND Dashboard

What’s the saying – the one thing that’s constant is change? It’s true of your SND Dashboard – but all in an effort to add and accommodate new features while streamlining others. Here’s a quick, written tour: Tabs are now at the bottom of your Dashboard. Now you’ll see content front and center. We know…

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Powerful Internal Reports with Multiple Views

“We’ve experimented with other tools, but SND Reports makes so much more sense to us.” Our internal reports tell the full story of what’s going on with your newsroom’s social metrics. We’ve compiled everything you need so that you have actionable data to map out your strategy. Here’s what you can expect: Customize Data Select…

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New: Enterprise Growth Report

If you asked a dozen newsrooms what the most important social metric is to them – you’d likely get a dozen different answers. But there’s ONE stat we’re all watching… GROWTH! To make it simpler than ever, the SND Dashboard now includes the Enterprise Growth Report which allows newsrooms to automatically view performance week over…

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Stats Roll-Up Report Refresh

One thing we pride ourselves on at Social News Desk is developing a tool that is “for journalists, by journalists.” That motto isn’t just representative of the fact that the majority of our Client Success Team and management are former journalists, but it represents a tool that is shaped by the journalists still using it…

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