Fast Track: ‘Become A Branded Content Wiz’

It’s a great revenue-producing activity – selling Branded Content on social. The biggest stumbling block is when you feel like you’re supposed to be the expert and you’re not. And you’re worried that your content won’t perform the way you want it to.

But there’s money to be made. In the past two years, The Branded Content Project has helped local news organizations generate $24 million dollars. In fact, their project has been so successful – it’s sticking around for 2021. 

At Social News Desk, we have spent a lot of time and effort on putting together the knowledge, but also that technology platform to make the process easy.

The main reason is after learning the most common issues media companies were having with Branded Contents posts:

  • Poor Performance
  • Hard to Report Results
  • Boosting Posts
  • Facebook Ad Approvals

So, all the solutions are tied up into one platform – SND Campaigns Manager, our self-service platform that makes placing Paid Social Ads simple. It all happens in a few simple steps:

“With very little knowledge of how to function with Facebook and Instagram advertising, it’s empowered us without adding staff to basically put that packaging together for a client. The fact you can contract a team to build an arsenal of what you can offer our audience and advertisers, it’s a win-win for everybody.”

-Sonny Messiah Jiles, Publisher, Houston Defender

Houston Defender has done an incredible job of Branded Content sponsorships over the last months – a lot of them specific to COVID-19 coverage. Including this survey by Rice University that was coupled with the Defender brand.

Here’s why their contents is working so well…

  • Relevant
  • Guaranteed Impressions
  • High Click-Through-Rate
  • Results-Driven

And because Kinder Institute in this case has aligned its brand with the Defender Network, the campaign feels reputable.

Here are more examples of quality Branded Content campaigns by our clients:

All of these used Campaigns Manager to:

  • Improve Performance without Boosting
  • Guarantee Performance Results for Clients
  • Automate Reporting
  • Help with Facebook Ad Policies

Facebook Ad Approval is one of the single most frustrating parts about placing ads. If you don’t get approved? SND will help appeal your rejected ads if Facebook wrongly rejected them or help you revise them to meet Facebook’s policies. That alone can be a huge time-saver.

Ready to see if Campaigns Manager will work for your needs, save you time and help you on the revenue side? Send us a quick email to get a personalized demo.

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