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SND’s Dynamic Content & Creative

Newsrooms are already pumping out great content every day. SND Promotions finds it and turns it into the perfect ad. Here’s how – using proprietary technology – we create dynamic copy and dynamic creative in real-time to help your news org reach its goals – newsletter signups, tune in, subscription acquisition and app downloads or…

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Fast Track: ‘Take Promotions Farther with SND Campaigns’

While everyone on #TeamSND has a newsroom background, I was also part of the creative services and promotions world. I got into promotions because I loved writing newsroom teases so much that I wanted to make it my whole job. There’s something about persuading people to stick around and watch what your newsroom has worked…

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Fast Track: ‘Become A Branded Content Wiz’

It’s a great revenue-producing activity – selling Branded Content on social. The biggest stumbling block is when you feel like you’re supposed to be the expert and you’re not. And you’re worried that your content won’t perform the way you want it to. But there’s money to be made. In the past two years, The…

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SND’s Fast Track Series: Paid Social in a Crazy World

“SND’s Fast Track series gets to the point. It’s speedy and effective. The ultimate rush if you’re ready to kick your Paid Social Strategy into overdrive.” What is it? Social News Desk’s 5-Part Crash Course designed to help you navigate Paid Social in a Crazy World begins Monday, September 14th! We’ll host a convenient, quick…

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