Philadelphia Inquirer’s Newsletters: Strategy Worth Picking Up

Have you picked up the Philadelphia Inquirer lately? You might not be in that particular newspaper market, but if you’re in the business of marketing newspapers –  you can certainly pick up their good habits.

Philadelphia Inquirer is laser-focused on growing their top-performing newsletters. They consistently and successfully run newsletter campaigns – collect email addresses – and then immediately start sending out content-rich newsletters – all with an eye on potentially converting these readers into a paid subscription down the road.

Social News Desk is handling their lead gen campaigns using our proprietary Dynamic News Ads technology. Our goal is to make sure we’re acquiring new audiences at the lowest possible cost-per-lead.

Let’s throw out some impressive stats:

  • Year-to-date, SND has driven 15,617 leads for the Philadelphia Inquirer. 
  • Focus remains on their top performing e-mail newsletters which include: 
    • News Alerts Newsletter  
      • 6,552 leads at an average CPL of $0.70
      • This is their breaking news alert newsletter. 
    • Let’s Eat, Philly! Newsletter
      •  3,206 leads at an average CPL of $1.06
      • This is a local food and dining newsletter for the Philadelphia area. 
    • Sports Daily Newsletter
      •  4,278 leads at an average CPL of $0.60
      • A daily sports e-mail covering Philadelphia sports teams. 

We use corresponding, relevant content to drive sign-ups for specific newsletters.

Using top-performing content to build your newsletter WORKS. Philadelphia Inquirer is currently focused on growing its top-performing newsletters versus all of their newsletters.

“Social News Desk has been a tremendous addition to our digital transformation strategy. We’ve seen rapid growth with our audience. Not only in list size, but also attracting an array of diverse readers while continuing to maintain a significantly low cost per lead.” Terrance Young, Audience Development Marketing Manager of the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Aside from SND’s Dynamic News Ads audience growth strategy, the Philadelphia Inquirer has a hub for all its newsletters on the website.

Some key takeaways:

-Focus on your top-performing newsletters – as opposed to all your newsletters.

-Consistency is key. Spend marketing dollars evenly over time.

-You can grow your audience quickly. It is possible.

Want to apply the same strategy to grow your audience? Social News Desk can help – reach out to us at