Traffic Drivers: Reels, For Real

I’ll try my best to get my point across about Instagram & Facebook Reels without replacing the word ‘reel’ with ‘real’ over and over. It’s against my punny nature to not do it – annoying as it is. 

So, allow me to get it out of the way once – Reels are real right now. For real, for reel. The real deal. 

In fact, Meta has a whole team dedicated to working on Reel Curation & Creators. Some of the people who used to work specifically with news orgs are now focused on Reels.

After de-prioritizing news in everyone’s feed, Meta is now putting a tremendous amount of effort in Reels on Instagram and Facebook. In fact, they’re paying Creators and Publishers to turn them out. The money comes in when you hit certain thresholds. It’s time for newsrooms to put their focus on Reels to keep engagement up on Instagram and Facebook. And, maybe even more importantly, for discovery on Instagram and Facebook.

Dropping some resources on how to get paid to create Reels, but since this is part of our 10-part Traffic Drivers series (how to drive traffic now that you’re not getting it organically from Facebook) – I’ll focus on that.

So while you’re likely struggling with finding time to grab lunch or even 5-minutes for a bathroom break, now we’re telling you find time to create Reels. Good news, SND is making it easier for our clients in two ways. 

1. Streamlining how you post Reels inside SND Dashboard. 

2. Vertical Video Studio (in beta) to make quick videos out of your top stories. 

Both with make getting in on the Reel game slightly easier.

Need to know more ways to drive traffic – we have 9 other ways for you.

As always, need help? Have questions? We’re here for you –