SND’s Hybrid Automation: It’s exactly what you’re looking for.

We believe in Hybrid Automation. Sounds major, right? We think so. 

Think of it as a best of both worlds when it comes to social media publishing for newsrooms – a TV station, newspaper or digital publication – that already cover an incredible amount of content every day. 

Yes, this can 100% replace your publishing automation tool. But it can also do a whole lot more …

Hybrid Automation

“What we’re doing is different because we’re acknowledging how critical the editorial process is in social media publishing. So instead of removing the journalist from the workflow, we’re using AI to help that person make faster, data-driven decisions. Sometimes that means full, 100% automated publishing – and other times it doesn’t. The magic is in the flexibility of our hybrid approach.”

Kim Wilson, SND Founder

We set our users up for success by giving them intelligent ways to automate social content while simultaneously still putting that human touch on it.

SND Planner was crafted under this entire premise. Create slots for stories and content you know needs to get posted – we’ll automatically pull it based on your criteria. And still handcraft the posts that need your special touch. 

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