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Publishing to your newsroom’s LinkedIn page in SND Dashboard just got easier! How so, you ask? Automation. Just like you’re...

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If you’re like most newsrooms, the realization that clicks from the Facebook (News) Feed to your website are in a...

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Need to post the same content across multiple properties, markets and pages? Don’t want to spend all day doing it?...

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We believe in Hybrid Automation. Sounds major, right? We think so.  Think of it as a best of both worlds...

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We’ll admit…we ask a lot of our Test Drive Team members. ‘Please run our new features through the paces, give...

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We released SND Planner today and unleashed a bunch of eye-opening comments, compliments and genuine enthusiasm from our clients. We’re...

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I feel pretty confident saying this most excited we’ve ever been over at Social News Desk. The whole team is...

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Hybrid Automation

You know that one piece of content that you need to send out multiple times every week or every month?...

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Weekend feed, Evergreen feed, Health feed…you name it. Literally. One of the most noteworthy features of the new SND Planner...

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Drag and drop days are here. And who doesn’t love that option? SND Planner is rolling out to our entire client-base...

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