Twitter’s API Changes & SND

By now you’ve probably heard… Twitter is changing the way it interacts with third-party tools. But if you’re worried about how that might impact SND… don’t be. Any changes relevant to us (and you) have already been made and we’re guessing you didn’t even notice? That’s because all third-party tools aren’t created equal. Companies like Tweetbot and Twitterific rely on the Site Streams and User Streams APIs which have now been killed off by Twitter. But Social News Desk doesn’t use either of those APIs, so for us the impact is minimal. SND did have to update its Direct Messaging feature to accommodate Twitter’s forced migration of that API. But again, that was done earlier this summer and we’ll bet you didn’t notice a thing.

So, all that to say… we anticipate no impact to your service level at this time and we look forward to partnering with Twitter on future API developments that will enhance your SND Dashboard experience. Carry on.