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Twitter ‘Carousels’ Takes Off (Because SND Clients Know What To Do With Great New Features)

SND partnered with Twitter this week to launch a new product concept for organic Tweets called “Carousels.” And we’ve watched it absolutely take off since making the feature live in SND Dashboard. We’re humbly bragging that ‘we knew it would’ for this reason alone – our clients are the best storytellers in the biz. Now,…

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6 creative ways newsrooms can use Twitter’s NEW ‘Carousels’ feature in SND

Twitter has just launched ‘Carousels’ for organic tweets and its available to all news publishers via Social News Desk’s leading-edge publishing tool: SND Dashboard. The new capability is representative of a philosophical shift at Twitter… as the company looks for ways to build out more engaging content-experiences for its users. And for newsrooms, this signals…

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Why relying on Google AMP could hurt your traffic

Many publishers, in the interest of faster-loading site speeds for mobile users, have implemented Google’s AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) technology. This allows them to quickly create lightweight versions of articles that load faster than traditional websites. Twitter announced that starting today (Oct. 27), they are discontinuing support for Google AMP, and will no longer automatically…

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Journalists: 3 Steps to Secure Your Twitter Account

Local journalists spend a lot of time building up trust from their community, and when accounts get hacked, that trust can be eroded. Twitter has seen an uptick in hacked account cases from journalists lately, and gave us these 3 easy steps to secure your account and make sure your audience can continue to rely…

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Twitter’s New Verification Policy – What Newsrooms Need to Know

Twitter’s new policy for account verification goes into effect soon. And the platform is warning, if you haven’t updated your account by January 20, 2021, you could lose your verification status. Here’s what your newsroom needs to know: Twitter recently released what it’s calling a draft of the company’s new verification policy. Changes aren’t monumental…

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Twitter Scorecard Report

Did you know you can get all of your important Twitter insights right from Social News Desk’s SND Dashboard? The Twitter Scorecard Report allows you to monitor both owned accounts and public accounts. See how you’re performing in comparison with other newsrooms and publishers. The Twitter Scorecard Report includes the following insights: Followers – Total…

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