SND Webinars & Events

Educational videos and tutorials from experts in social media management.

Webinar: Using Nextdoor for Critical Civic Communication (with Nextdoor)

Created by SND in partnership with the team at Nextdoor, this webinar will help you learn how your business, government agency or municipality can communicate more effectively with local residents through advanced Nextdoor use.

Webinar: Connecting Communities: Strategies for Success on Threads (with Meta)

Created by SND in partnership with the team at Meta, this webinar will cover essential topics tailored to enhance your presence and influence on Threads. Plus, learn time-saving tips from Social News Desk to maximize efficiency on Threads.

Webinar: Social Media Auditing Essentials for Higher Education

Gain invaluable insights into your school’s online engagement by conducting your own social media audit. Whether you’re a seasoned social media manager looking to refine your strategies or a communicator new to the world of university social media management, this is the tutorial for you.

Webinar: Preparing Effective Government Crisis Communications Strategies

Navigate social media with confidence during crises with SND’s webinar for public information officials. Developed from best practice strategies used across America, this info-packed overview provides a step-by-step crisis communications playbook along with expert advice.

Webinar: Civic-Minded Social Media Content

Boost your civic engagement with our practical webinar, featuring expert social media strategies from leading city agencies. Packed with tips for evergreen content, preparing for emergencies and examples from PIOs all over America.

Webinar: Maximizing Meta’s Threads Platform

Maximize your organization’s impact on Threads and keep your community in the conversation. Learn strategic uses of the Threads algorithm, community engagement techniques, and effective content planning for America’s fastest growing social media network.

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