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Most Instagram users have gotten used to the necessary (yet annoying) step of clicking your IG profile bio to get...

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The team at Instagram has announced plans to cap the number of posts an account can make per rolling 30-day...

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We released SND Planner today and unleashed a bunch of eye-opening comments, compliments and genuine enthusiasm from our clients. We’re...

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For years, Facebook required that images on ads contain less than 20% text – commonly known as the “20% Rule.”...

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With all the privacy issues and controversies surrounding Facebook of late, many broadcasters and publishers are hesitant to put more...

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Every year, Facebook holds its annual developer conference, F8, to announce the future of Facebook, Instagram and its other platforms....

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You can now build custom, Instagram-metrics reports inside your SND Dashboard. This brand-new SND Reports capability allows you to view...

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Instagram analytics are here! Thanks to an API update and hard work from our development team, you can now view...

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See updated insights on individual posts in your streams.

While we usually think of Instagram as being a little “softer” than other platforms when it comes to covering news,...

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Instagram Video publishing is brand new to SND Dashboard, and news outlets are already using video to keep their audience...

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