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We’ll admit…we ask a lot of our Test Drive Team members. ‘Please run our new features through the paces, give...

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We released SND Planner today and unleashed a bunch of eye-opening comments, compliments and genuine enthusiasm from our clients. We’re...

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Drag and drop days are here. And who doesn’t love that option? SND Planner is rolling out to our entire client-base...

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The concept of time slots on the new SND Planner fits perfectly with the local-news mindset. Your social media post...

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‘Give us all the feedback.’  SND Founder Kim Wilson put the power of the brand new SND Planner into the...

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Local newsrooms around the country are quickly coming online with Messenger subscription services for their communities. Powered by Social News...

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I’m often asked what the secret to success has been for Social News Desk. How exactly did someone with zero...

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The Social News Desk Test Drive Team has been continuing to try out the new SND Dashboard and our developers...

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Big week for feedback in the Test Drive Team. The testers are putting the new SND Dashboard through its paces and...

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The Test Drive Team has spent a week using the beta version of the new SND Dashboard, and the development...

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