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SND Planner: Time Slots

The concept of time slots on the new SND Planner fits perfectly with the local-news mindset. Your social media post planning can now look a lot like the oh, so-familiar news rundown. And you can move it around just like you would a show.  Think ‘whole day’ instead of ‘whole show.’ You can structure it…

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WAFB-TV Among First Local Newsrooms with Messenger Subscription Strategy

Local newsrooms around the country are quickly coming online with Messenger subscription services for their communities. Powered by Social News Desk, this first-ever Messenger technology is made specifically for newsrooms and allows journalists to reach the audience directly, via subscriptions and push alerts. Gray Television station WAFB was among the very first to try it….

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What is the Test Drive Team?

I’m often asked what the secret to success has been for Social News Desk. How exactly did someone with zero business experience and even less computer engineering skill create a successful SaaS technology tool relied upon by thousands of journalists worldwide? It’s simple really … I just solved a problem. All too often, startup founders…

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SND Test Drive Team: Shaping Up

The new SND Dashboard is really taking shape, and this week our Test Drive Team got a first look at the new features that they will be testing. Aaron King, SND VP of Product Engineering, walked the team through updates to the mobile app. Our iOS users have been beta testing the app for a…

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Test Drive Team Update: Taking Notes

The Social News Desk Test Drive Team has been continuing to try out the new SND Dashboard and our developers have been taking notes from the team’s feedback. The most recent updates have included moving some buttons around in the user interface to match more closely with the current Dashboard. The UI may continue to change…

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Test Drive Team Update: Bug Fixes and New Ideas

Big week for feedback in the Test Drive Team. The testers are putting the new SND Dashboard through its paces and finding a few bugs along the way…which is good news! It’s exactly what they’ve been asked to do. In the weekly feedback call, SND VP of Engineering Aaron King walked everyone through updates and bug fixes…

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