Fast Track: ‘Grow Subscriptions through Facebook Ads’

Goals that are always top of mind (especially among newspapers) – grow your email newsletter list and get more subscriptions.

We can help. But we’re going to need you. And your best content. 

Good thing you’re a content pro. 

Now, let’s apply a little technology trick to to help your already over-performing content. We’ve told you before how Dynamic News Ads are working to help some of clients get more clicks to grow subscriptions and newsletter signups. But, we’re back with MORE examples to make our case. 

Acquisition can be expensive and doing it off a limited budget can be stressful. We often notice, given that limited budget, a few things: 

  • News Orgs spend very carefully so not to make mistakes.
  • They ‘guess’ what their audience will like.
  • They do a lot of boosting.

We’re going to suggest Dynamic News Ads as the way to fix those concerns; make your money go further, use content proved to already resonate with your audience and avoid boosting.

It’s a game changer.

“The implementation of the campaign was simple to execute and results have beat expectations.” –Daniel Long, eCommerce Manager, AJC

How Dynamic News Ads Work:

-SND identifies your top performing social posts and turns them into ads. Those ads can newsletter signups, and/or subscriptions, or app downloads.

-Make your Facebook advertising dollars go further by using your own great content to drive conversions.

-100% increase in performance without needing to increase your spend!

Our clients love the results:

“We appear to be maintaining acquisition costs under $0.50 which is quite honestly a significant improvement over other methods on FB. It actually substantially impacts the entire business model (we spend a tremendous amount of time analyzing acquisition costs, and the impact audience has on site traffic / membership / profitability. So we are pretty excited about this so far.” – Jeff Elgie, CEO Village Media on DNA ads for Subscription/Email Acquisition

Here are some examples of Subscription Campaigns in which a subscription offer is displayed alongside one newspaper’s best performing content:

Here are some examples of Newsletter Sign-Up Campaigns:

The Benefits of DNA Campaigns:

  • Fresh, dynamic content
  • Pre-populated forms
  • Sync with your CRM
  • Same budget goes further

Keep in mind, we manage the whole process. You lay out your goals and we make it happen. And for twice as many clicks with the same budget your’e already spending, why wait?

Grow Subscriptions through Facebook Ads Webinar

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